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"Donna Leon" Auf Treu und Glauben (2013) 5.9/10

Directed by Sigi Rothemund. With Uwe Kockisch, Julia Jäger, Michael Degen, Karl Fischer. Commissario Guido Brunetti finally takes his family on holiday in South Tyrol, but is called back to scorching-hot Venice after the high-profile murder of court bailiff Araldo Fontana, whose skull was smashed in a love nest. Brunetti and sergeant Lorenzo Vianello discover the victim's gay affair with attorney Renato Penzo, who is bashed and has his home searched after he brings out a blackmail ...

Genre: Crime Producteur: Sigi Rothemund
Acteurs: Uwe Kockisch, Julia Jäger, Michael Degen
Titre: "Donna Leon" Auf Treu und Glauben (2013) 720 HD
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