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Tabiate bijan (1974) 7.9/10

Directed by Sohrab Shahid Saless. With Zadour Bonyadi, Mohammed Kani, Hibibollah Safarian, Habib Safaryan. For more than three decades, aging Iranian Mohamad Sardari (Zadour Bonyadi) has worked as a crossing guard at a desolate train station. Through the years, Mohamad has done little to stifle the loneliness and boredom inherent in the job. Meanwhile, back at his family home, life is similarly uneventful: Mohamad's wife passes the time sewing night and day, especially since the couple's son left to ...

Genre: Drame Producteur: Sohrab Shahid Saless
Acteurs: Zadour Bonyadi, Mohammed Kani, Hibibollah Safarian
Titre: Tabiate bijan (1974) Full HD
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