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Genèse d'un repas (1979) 7.3/10

Genèse d'un repas: Réalisé par Luc Moullet. Avec Paul Anquetil, Emile Azoulay, Gustavo Borges, Jean Bouy. With this documentary on the plots and sub-plots of the universe of food, Moullet moves away from comedy to become a pioneer of today's trend to analyze the forms of globalization by looking at a small cultural field. In his survey going from our everyday menu to the exploitation of Third World workers, the genesis in the title provides the basis for this political essay: by following the history of a meal's ingredients, an intelligent map of the workings of the global world is charted.

Genre: Documentaire Producteur: Luc Moullet
Acteurs: Paul Anquetil, Emile Azoulay, Gustavo Borges
Titre: Genèse d'un repas (1979) SD
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