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The (2010) 9.6/10

Brooklyn, Baby... And the lads are alright.
Directed by Darren Coyle. With Parrish Hurley, Stas May, Patrick Edgar, Brian Dykstra. With humility and heartbreaking hilarity, 'the(718)' presents the misadventures of beer-drinking, football-watching, awkward homosexual Stephen and his two straight best friends (as well as his beat poet conscience) as they navigate life and love in New York City's County of Kings. With a little less shoe talk than 'Sex & The City' (but a lot more testosterone), it's a clever and sexy portrait of...

Genre: Comedy, Drama Producteur: Darren Coyle
Acteurs: Parrish Hurley, Stas May, Patrick Edgar
Titre: The (2010) 720 HD AC36C
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