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Songwriter (2018) 7.2/10

Directed by Murray Cummings. With Ed Sheeran, Beoga, Benny Blanco, John McDaid. See pop sensation Ed Sheeran in a whole new way with this documentary following the king of the charts during his time creating the 2017 album 'Divide' during a year away from the world. See the songwriting process of Ed Sheeran and how he creates all of his chart toppers. Directed by Murray Cummings.

Genre: Documentaire Producteur: Murray Cummings
Acteurs: Ed Sheeran, Beoga, Benny Blanco, John McDaid
Titre: Songwriter (2018) 720 HD AC36C STFR
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Posté il y a 24 Wks, 2.84 GB,